CLOSED: Small Research Grants for Untenured (Ladder) Harvard Faculty

Please note: This award has been discontinued. Applications will not be accepted.

For Harvard applicants only

The Weatherhead Initiative on Gender Inequality’s (WIGi) mission is to shed light on the cultural, social, economic, and political forces that maintain and break down gender inequalities. We invite applications for small grants for research projects on topics related to gender inequality. These projects can be comparative or focused on one country, and all methodological approaches will be considered. Research should focus on some aspect of gender inequality in the household, firm, or in another institution; projects can also center on government policy.


WIGi small grants are generally limited to $4,000, except in extraordinary circumstances. WIGi does not cover salary or stipends or the purchase of computer hardware.

Who Is Eligible

All untenured (ladder) Harvard faculty within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply.


Projects will be evaluated on the basis of their relevance and the quality of proposed research. Preference will be given for items that may be difficult to fund through granting agencies, and for unforeseen costs. Funds can be used for any reasonable research purpose. Grant recipients are expected to participate in WIGi seminars and events.

How to Apply

Eligible faculty interested in applying for a Weatherhead Initiative on Gender Inequality Small Research Grant should submit:

  • a one-page narrative proposal with working title, describing the project and its scholarly significance;
  • a list of primary and secondary participants and their affiliations;
  • timeline (start and end dates);
  • a two-page curriculum vitae listing no more than five publications related to this research proposal; and
  • a detailed budget.

Please direct all requests for substantive advice and all proposals to Ana Inoa. Proposal packets should be emailed to Ana Inoa (

Applications are reviewed two times a year, and on a rolling basis where appropriate, by the WIGi group. In general, decisions will be made within four weeks of submission.

Application Deadlines

We encourage applications by April 4 and September 27, but pending availability of funds, applications are considered on a rolling basis. Please note that since applications can be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year, grants are accordingly awarded to qualified proposals as they are submitted. Therefore it is possible that by the start of the spring term, all funds for this category of grants may have been exhausted for the current academic year.


Ana Inoa

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