WIGi Guest Speaker Øyvind Skorge featured in Epicenter

April 13, 2018

More Care for the Kids, Better Careers for the Moms

Norway has long provided subsidized daycare for children aged three and older. But the years between 2002 and 2008 were a time of sweeping reform. In 2002, the government increased federal financing for daycare, and it expanded full-time daycare services to include babies at the tender age of one. The aim was to get more mothers back into the workforce. 

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Claudia Goldin featured in Harvard Magazine

May 2, 2016

Reassessing the Gender Wage Gap

It's deceptively easy to calculate how much—or how little—women in the United States earn relative to men. “You take everyone who’s working 35 or more hours a week for the full year, find the median for women, find the median for men, and divide,” says Lee professor of economics Claudia Goldin, explaining how to arrive at the ratio repeated by public...

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Claudia Goldin, Mary Brinton, and Iris Bohnet featured in the Harvard Gazette

March 8, 2016

"The costs of inequality: For women, progress until they get near power"—Men still dominate the top; adjusting everyday norms could prompt change, analysts say. Sixth in a series on what Harvard scholars are doing to identify and understand inequality, in seeking solutions to one of America’s most vexing problems. It is the best of times. Nearly equal numbers of American women and men now go into medicine and law. More women than men graduate from college and graduate school. The gap between men’s and women’s pay has shrunk in recent decades.